Field Sessions

This section is intended for new referees that have arrived at Step 5 of the certification process. You are expected to have completed all online modules, have cleared SafeSport & your background check and attended the ENYSRA Zoom meeting.


Logistics for the Day

  • If you plan to attend please dress appropriately as we will be moving around a bit during the session (check the weather forecast beforehand).
  • In addition, if you have already received your equipment kit from Score Sports, you can bring your own whistle and flags but flags and whistles (new of course) will be provided for trainees if needed.
  • The primary focus of the field session is to prepare you for your first game so we will be running through pre-match responsibilities, drills to practice referee and assistant referee mechanics as well as post-match duties.

Part 2 – New Ref Onboarding

[This is the online component to be done after taking the on-field session when your certification process is complete]

If you would like to attend an onboarding session, please reach out to our Vice President and mention which Zoom class and field session you attended.


Are there any prerequisites in order to attend? Yes. Anyone attending the field session must have completed the first 4 steps in the new grassroots referee registration process. If you are uncertain about them, visit Become a Referee to see what all the steps are to become fully certified in Eastern New York.

How long do they last? The in person Field session portion usually lasts 2-2.5 hours. The online component, depending on number of participants usually lasts anywhere from 1h30m – 1h45m.

Is a waiver required to participate?

  • Yes. If you completed the online form, there is no requirement to bring a paper one. If not, a completely filled out PRINTED copy of the waiver MUST be completed prior to the start of the field session which can be downloaded here. —> ENY Waiver for Field Session
  • For those under the age of 18, you will need to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver in order to participate.
  • Scans, pictures of or emailed versions are not acceptable. Without a waiver, you will not be allowed to participate.