About Us

Who are we?

New York Soccer Referee’s Association (NYSRA) is the premier referee’s association serving match officials in New York City.

Where do we fit?

Eastern New York (ENY) has many organizations that run and govern soccer. Namely:

  • United States Soccer (US Soccer)
    • Eastern New York Soccer Referees Association (ENYSRA)
    • Eastern New York State Soccer Association (ENYSSA)
  • New York Soccer Referee’s Association (NYSRA) – You are here right now

As a referee, you have to register annually with US Soccer and perform recertification requirements to be able to referee in the United States and Eastern New York.

It is also highly recommended that you register with us (NYSRA) to avail our many benefits including access to the assignors in the region.

Join HERE.

What do we not do?

  • We have no involvement in your registration with US Soccer
  • We don’t distribute badges (ENYSRA does)