Become a Referee


There are several steps that need to be completed and are in respective order:

  • Registering and completing the online course with US Soccer
  • Attending a Field session in-person
  • Virtual onboarding session with the local referee assignor

The detailed breakdown to follow to complete the above is below.

Step 1: Become a NYSRA member

This helps us stay connected with you through the process and assist you where we can. The new referee fee is $35 (register as a new) and gives you access to our Secretary to answer your questions through the process ([email protected]) and benefits/support beyond.

If you live in Western New York (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo etc.), see the WNY website instead. If you live outside NYC, you don’t have to become a member to become a new referee. If so, head directly to Step 2.

Step 2: Follow the steps on the ENYSRA website

Eastern New York Soccer Referees Association (ENYSRA) is the State Referee Committee that manages US Soccer licencing for soccer referees in Eastern New York.

The course steps are on the ENYSRA website which will have you primarily (but not limited to) interacting with the US Soccer Learning Center (pictured below).

Step 3: Attend a Field Session

NYSRA hosts field sessions roughly once a month.

You may attend a field training session anywhere in the state. Instructions for this step will be sent by your course instructor to those that complete all the prior pre-requisites.

If you have any questions, please reach out to NYSRA Secretary at [email protected].

Step 4: Get into your local assigner’s assigning system

Assigning is typically done online via RefInsight.

  • This information will be disseminated to you after the mandatory field session.
  • You will need to have a reliable way to have reliable access to the internet as well as an email address.
    • A word of advice, a professional looking email address is more likely to garner better results when attempting to communicate with others.

We will send you a training video to show you how to get up-to-speed with the assigning platform and invite you to a brief call to ask any follow-up questions and to meet Andrew, the assignor.

If you are having any issues, please reach out to [email protected]

  • Fitness test: You do not need to run a fitness test as a brand new Grassroots referee. This is only required for Regional referees and above.
  • Getting Assigned: For NYSRA members, you can contact the association Secretary, Allan Emmanuel at [email protected]. For any other association, contact your local Area Coordinator (AC) who can forward you to the right person.
  • I received no Velcro to stick to my referee badge in my kit. What do I do?
    You can always order circular patches that fit just right by doing a Google search for “referee shirt velcro chest badge”. I suggest buying VELCRO┬« Brand Sticky Back 15ft x 3/4in Roll Black and cutting your own strips. You can find this in most stores like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others.
  • I’ve just recently done my refereeing course and am looking to start refereeing. Is there a preferred way to start and how do I start getting assignments?
    This is talked about both in the Zoom session as well at field sessions which are both a MANDATORY part of the certification process.
  • How much will it cost to become a referee?
    • $170: US Soccer and ENYSRA cost to register, receive training, certification for the first year as well as the new referee equipment package
    • $23-$140: Background check (U18 exempt). The price depends on your living history over the last 7 years. Domestic checks are $23. International can range from $70-$140.
    • $35: NYSRA Association membership fee (us) to provide you with local support and guidance for your officiating
  • See ENYSRA’s New Referee FAQ as well.