Education & Instruction

Details for recertification for 2024 will become available later this year. Recertification sessions will be held in person and dates and locations will be released by the ENYSRC.

NYSRA Member Resources

US Soccer Federation Code of Ethics

CJSL Game Day Info / Referee Fees (to be updated soon)

Information that anyone working CJSL games should know

ENYYSA Zero Tolerance Policy

The Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association has recently released a new policy aimed at preventing physical assault and verbal abuse in the leagues and clubs within the ENYYSA. If you work youth games, you must read the policy (5 minute read) so you know what your responsibilities are as a referee in regards to enforcing the policy.

Listing of Adult State Cups:

MANNING CUP – 1st teams of the First Division
FLAMHAFT CUP – 1st teams of the Second Division

D’ARPINO CUP – Reserve teams of the 1st Division and 2nd Division

STRUMPF CUP – 3rd Division and Metro teams

MARTH CUP – Over 30 Division teams

VARGAS CUP – Over 40 players